"I really appreciate the fact that the Quality Tax & Financial Services team
not only knows taxes, bookkeeping and payroll, but that they have the expertise to provide counseling in marketing, pricing and other areas of bussiness that most firms do not offer."

Saul Goldston,
Doctor's Foot Labs

" Thank you so much for saving me so much money on my taxes. See ya next year"

Patricia A. Brown

"Quality Tax people are not your ordinary tax company. I am an elderly man with several problems that come with age. These folks have protected me from unscrupulous charlatans who try to cheat folk like me. They have personally gone with me to the Social Security to make sure my medical coverage was reinstated. These are good folk who care about their clients."

  Many Thanks, Billie J. Collins, Financial Secretary, Bethel Memorial A.M.E. Church
"I made the right choice for bookkeeping, payroll and tax service.  Quality Tax & Financial Services, Inc. has superior knowlege that helps me run my plumbing business successfully."
  Jose Medina, Owner, ATC Plumbing.
"It is a pleasure working with Quality Tax & Financial Services, Inc.  They are extremely helpful and it is a relief to trust someone to take care of our payroll and taxes.  They have lowered my stress level tremedously.  They are ethical and have integrity and are very trustworthy."
  Phyllis Jackson, Executive Director, Karibu, Center for Social Support and Education.
"My first experience with Quality Tax & Financial Services came in January of 2005 when I became the pastor of New Paradise Baptist Church.  I am thoroughly pleased with the impeccable quality of service that we receive from Mr. Richard Smith and his staff.  We are always completely brought up to date with the latest news from the Internal Revenue Service pertaining to churches.  Quality Tax staff are friendly, courteous and extremely professional.  I am always sharing with others who do not use a professional service to handle financial business affairs of their church, to use the services of Quality Tax & Financial Services.  Thank you Quality Tax & Financial Services for your excellant service!"
Rev. James Moore, Jr., Pastor, New Paradise Baptist Church
"I serve as the Chairperson/Treasurer of New Paradise Baptist Church.  I truly appreciate the knowledge and professional business insight that Quality Tax & Financial Services provides to New Paradise Baptist Church.  I have developed a personal realtionship with the staff of Quality Tax & Financial Services.  They have always provided excellent and quality service; whenever there is a question pertaining to our church finances, they always go above and beyond the call of duty to answer whatever is asked of them.  In recognition of their valuable and loyal service throughout the years, I highly recommend Quality Tax & Financial Services to everyone.  I promise that you will not be disappointed."

  Denise Smith, Chairperson/Treasurer, New Paradise Baptist Church.

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