QTFSI began operations in 1983 when a group of students at San Diego Community College asked Richard F. Smith Jr., their Personal Financial Management instructor, to prepare their tax returns.

After some consideration, Mr. Smith agreed, and the business, operated out of the founder's briefcase and situated in his home, was born with six customers in its first year.

Richard Smith had some experience as a successful entrepreneur in the past. He had operated a successful day care center and a private cab service in Brooklyn, New York. In each of those ventures, Smith had developed "a differential marketing advantage," elevating his company's service above that of his competitors. The same tactic was applied as QTFSI sought to distinguish itself from its competitors.

The formula worked as the company continually added new features, services and delivery systems in advance of the competition. Growth followed rapidly. The client base has increased every year since inception, and now totals over 800 individuals and families, 50 businesses and 8 churches.

Quality and Commitment

Working with a staff of 9, including two Enrolled agents. The company's adherence to it's slogan "Quality and Service is Our Motto," the company has flourished. In 2013, the San Diego Business Journal named Quality Tax & Financial Services Inc. as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego County (#33).

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